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NBA has become a staple on Christmas Day

What has five heads, wears short pants and is a danger to your family? If you answered AC/DC, you would have been right, in 1980. But in 2011, the correct answer appears to be the NBA's Christmas Day quintuple-header, five games from noon through midnight that few parents will relish playing in or coaching in or broadcasting.

Kobe Bryant and the Lakers face Derrick Rose and the Bulls on Christmas Day.

Last year, Magic coach Stan Van Gundy memorably said: "I think the NBA is so important to Christmas that we really need to increase from five games to 10, and we need to start them at midnight on Christmas Eve and play them all through the day so there's not a minute of Christmas Day when there's not an NBA game on TV. Because it's great. The NBA is Christmas ... It's what it's all about."

And while Van Gundy was being sarcastic, the NBA really is all about Christmas, and has been from the very start. In the league's second season, when it was known as the BAA, it staged a triple-header on Christmas Day of 1947. A year later, Christmas Day brought a quadruple-header. The season after that, the newly expanded 17-team NBA bypassed the quintuple-header entirely in favor of a sextuple-header.


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