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S5 Shanghai-Jiading Expressway is the first expressway in China

It is reported, S5 Shanghai-Jiading Expressway is the first expressway in China, on October 31, 1988 opening.

Shanghai urban and rural diplomatic relations committee disclosed the news show, Shanghai will be adjusted to urban expressway highway not the first time, the construction of the toll highway system in the Shanghai process, according to the Shanghai urban area construction, the S20 has been outside the ring, Yixian Road Viaduct functions located in charge of urban expressway.

Currently, one of Shanghai's toll road car loan monthly $ 75 cancellation of loan toll road construction vehicles, the cars can reduce the corresponding costs. Adjusted valuation methods highway tolls, the toll adjustment from the original 10 yuan to 5 yuan from. Establishment of diplomatic relations committee in Shanghai, said the implementation of this pricing approach will help reduce the suburbs and towns between the cost of highway traffic, and promote urban-rural integration and new rural construction.


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