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zhanwei improve the speed to prepare the competion

The previous quarter, the Heat routed the league 20 offensive rhythm, shooting 77 free throws, averaging 28 times. By Spoelstra coach explained: defense first, you must first stabilize the rhythm, and then map attack. The first two games this season, the Mavericks, Miami shot 78 free throws 36 times, was 105 points; for the Celtics, the Heat shot 77 free throws 35 times, 115 points. Worth noting is that for the Mavericks, Miami Heat swept the 62 first half points; of Boston, 69 minutes.

Comprehensive look, can be drawn from the new season Heat attitude: the first half frantic, do not give the opponent breathe, tight, steals, fast break, James and Dwyane Wade hit a breakthrough basket, do not fall into excessively bureaucratic trench warfare, not external inefficient to do jump.

2 9 from the first battle of the Mavericks Bosh, Miami's new routines such interpretation: Miami speed attack basket, resulting in "It's like a field race to see who killed the penalty area 10 times in nine times, but I ran them. "So, Bosh is more with these two fast-break to the top of the arc, then back to pass in the long shot. In other words, this routine is not appropriate for him, solely for the purpose of the attack, James + Wade maximum.

advocate one way or another over the dynamic offensive season, but is still a lack of understanding between the players, half-court densely populated, is not conducive to the two trump break. Speed ​​this season is the opportunity to play two ace combat ability. After all, offense and defense conversion, the defense is not formed on the occasion, James and Dwyane Wade of the most dynamic offensive and defensive was terrible. Pat Riley with the Lakers in 1982, the philosophy: If our team has enough talent, speed on the pressure in the offensive to destroy the opponent quickly.


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