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Ten most promising robots that social robots will interact

iRobot Roomba's intelligent cleaning robot developed will not blink, will not talk to their owners, not the main person preparing food, but they are welcomed by people around the world. The cleaning robot came in 2002, so far the sales have more than $ 5 million. IRobot Roomba's success is encouraged, and subsequently launched a series of practical robots, including sweeping and pool cleaning robot Scooba robot Verro. These robots priced between 300-600 U.S. dollars, started to move to the designated locations on their own clean-up.

In addition to development of iRobot home robots, the robots developed for the military. This partnership with Boeing to jointly develop small tactical robots, used to protect soldiers and security personnel responsible for public safety. SUGV is a small unmanned ground vehicle equipped with cameras, audio equipment and sensors, can search through the remote control explosive devices in theater and respond to threats to public safety. The robot can climb stairs and enter the human or very difficult to enter the danger zone.

The end of February, "Discovery" space shuttle will go to the International Space Station, the first humanoid robot Robonaut 2 space will also be invited to attend. Robonaut 2 and GM by the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston developed. In 1996, NASA launched Robonaut 2 development program, the first edition of Robonaut 1, 2000 opened the mystery. Robonaut Robonaut 2 Although it is not the first family member, but it is within the family first entered the space to be a member.


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