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Site of China's earliest paper appeared in the "newly discovered relics Baida"

Agency reporter on the 28th survey of cultural artifacts from the Office of Jiangxi Province, that China's earliest times, continuing the longest paper production sites, Jiangxi Province, Yuan, Ming and papermaking workshop Waring sites selected for the third national survey on cultural relics "Hundred Dah found."

Waring Ming and papermaking workshop site, located in Jiangxi Province Gao'an Zhou Lingcun. Approved by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage in 2007 and 2009, the Jiangxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology, the archaeological team Gao'an coalition of museums, sites of Waring papermaking workshop conducted two archaeological excavations.

Fu Zhou Lingcun joint archaeological team in the temple near the 700 square meters of paper found within the remains of all kinds were associated with the paper 28, remains in the Zhou Lingcun clean Shueiduei 7, Xixi village clean Shueiduei sites 7, is China's The paper found that most of the sites relics.


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