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Part of the Chinese New Year celebration is the New Year's eve reunion dinner

Part of the Chinese New Year celebration is the New Year's eve reunion dinner, called Chú Xī or "eve of the passing year," which gives extended family members a chance to reconnect and share their hopes for the upcoming year.

Serve several different dishes in the center of the dinner table, communal style, once all your guests have been seated. Your menu should include a wide variety of ingredients, textures and flavors, as well as foods that have symbolic meanings or have names that sound like words of good fortune.

Chicken: Like fish, chicken is also served while, and serving whole chicken during Spring Festival promises that the family will remain together in the coming New Year. Eggs: Eggs are symbolic of fertility, so Chinese New Year food always contains eggs, whether they are scrambled with vegetables, simmered in a hearty soup, or served whole as a snack. Sticky Rice Cake: Another food traditionally found during Chinese New Year's celebrations. It is usually made with sticky rice and dates, and the traditional cooking method is steaming.


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