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Cruise "Mission 4" framing to create a new Dubai tower scraped history

"Mission Impossible 4" as the first tower in Dubai shooting the action film, creating the world's tallest building - Burj Khalifa - into the new world of film history. In the movie, Cruise plays Ethan not only to climb up to 828 m of Halifata wall, in free fall four-story weight loss methods, but also in a steep rapid run-up and break through the surface of the building a series of windows ... ... thrills of shooting the scene began Halifata of 123 layers, spent several months rehearsing and training to face the real Tom Cruise personally adhere to the shooting scene, in cooperation with excellent special effects experts to complete the one after another impossible task.

Excellent performance is "disc 4" One of the highlights, combined with IMAX cameras have special shooting power of high-tech dazzle, giving the film a more immersive and visually stunning innate genes. There are fans that in the large IMAX screen, the top of the tower show exhaustive detail, while that thrilling sense of urgency and more intense, psychological and vision to bring a real conflict, "wow" experience.

More fans "distance-all" message that has not been released before the film has been concerned about the North American critics, especially looking forward to the plot and special effects, sixth also saw the premiere special, indeed, such critics say, the story fast paced, especially the scene shock, especially in the IMAX version, as their entry into the film, and Tom Cruise with the climb up the Burj Dubai tower, and his experience with breathtaking, really special bar!


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